German Trade Fairs Representative

About Us

Fujan Rahbaran Aati was founded as a consultative-executive firm by a team of individuals who enjoyed years of experience in holding exhibitions. The overarching goal alongside contributing to Iran’s economic prosperity was to assist the business community and industrialists of the country in gaining facilitated access to the world’s prominent economic hubs. To this end, we are proud to announce that thanks to our seasoned managers and consultants, we are ready to provide our services to Iranian experts, industrialists, and manufacturers willing to participate in the leading technical exhibitions of Berlin, Duesseldorf, Munich, Spielwarenmesse and ReTEC.

Fujan Rahbaran Aati is the sole representative of the aforesaid exhibitions who have granted us the exclusive responsibility of catering for the needs of all industrialists, businesspersons, investors, pavilion holders, and manufacturers in Iran wishing to participate in these annual and periodic exhibitions. Needless to say, all corporate and real entities can enjoy the assistance of our expert consultants to secure an effective presence in the above exhibitions.

Fujan Rahbaran Aati is proud to provide you with the following services:

  • Information and support on the means of participation in each of the aforementioned exhibitions in Germany or other countries where they participate;
  • Holding Iran’s pavilion in selected German exposes through coordination with Iranian governmental institutions;
  • Distributing information brochures on exhibitions;
  • Dispatching Iranian trade delegations to these exhibitions;
  • Providing entrance cards to exhibitions in the Iranian currency;
  • Providing tourist information on the pertinent cities;
  • Rendering quality travel services to the visitors and participants through Ivar Travel Agency (the official travel partner of Fujan Rahbaran Aati);
  • Controlling the documents of those applying for a Schengen visa;
  • Issuing travel insurance;
  • Consulting on how to register a company in Germany;
  • Introducing pavilion manufacturing companies in Germany;
  • Making appointments with the directors of German plants working in the industrial sector you are interested in;
  • Introducing interpreters in Germany;
  • Holding technical seminars in Tehran and other parts of the country.

Indubitably, presence in the major exhibitions of Germany is an opportune moment for any corporate or real entity seeking to further their trade outside Iranian territory.

Germany is the largest exhibition hub of the globe and manufacturers from all four corners of the world fail to conceal their desire to be present in the exposes of this country which range all the way from the food industries to packaging and cultural products to nanotechnology. No surprise then that Germany is reckoned as the economic heart of the world because of these renowned exhibitions.

A total of 37 large exhibition companies have provided facilities in 37 major cities of this country through which they escort businesspersons and industrialists from all over the world upon their arrival in Germany and render them airport services, accommodation, tourism, and welfare amenities alongside providing pavilions, establishing rapid and appropriate communication among them, and creating the grounds for small and large transactions in the best possible modality.

The experiences of Iranian participants in these exhibitions demonstrate the fact that the key to the development of business and trade is to be sought in such forums.

As we are approaching a huge economic leap in Iran which pre-necessitates dynamic and precise ties between the trade and industrial communities of Iran and the world in order to prevent being left behind of this inevitable trend, Fujan Rahbaran Aati is proud to be a trustworthy and sincere companion in this journey.